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When you place an order with, you will be sent to a PayPal Payment page. Select your mode of payment on that page. If your payment is approved, you will be taken to a page with instructions for essay editing and essay modeling services.

If you are ordering editing services, please send a copy of your existing essay to the email address listed in the confirmation page. Please click the download link for our questionaire. Fill out the questionaire because we will use this information in editing and polishing your essay.

If you are ordering essay model drafting services, please click on the download link for our questionaire. This questionaire is based on our years of experience helping students draft their personal statement essay. Please read it carefully. It consists of questions that ask for all the necessary personal and academic information we need to draft your model essay.


Please take your time in completing the questionaire. Your model essay will be based on the materials you enter into the questionaire. While we don't help you write the final version of your personal statement, the model essay you will receive from us is our organization of the biographical information you enter into our questionaire. You agree to use the model essay only as a source of inspiration for your final essay. You agree that, under no circumstances, you are to turn in the model essay as your admission essay. We retain all copyrights to model essays we produce.

If you are ordering essay editing services, we need you to fill out the questionaire since we will refer to your answers in making editor decisions in polishing and tightening your essay. It is crucial that you give us the information you need in order for us to do a good job.


The completeness of the information you provide in the questioneaire determines, to a large part, the quality of the model essay or edited essay we'll send you.


We can only start work on your order when it is deemed 'ready.' We define a READY ORDER only when we have received ALL the information we need to work on your order. The time limit requirements of RUSH and REGULAR orders only START when your order is READY.

The information we require includes the completed questionaire, a copy of your existing essay (for editing orders), and verified payment.

Once your order is READY, we will send you a confirmation email notifying you that your order is READY and we have started work on your materials. We will also send you a DEADLINE DATE.

IMPORTANT: We have no control over email servers, so we can only promise that we will send your order in a timely manner. Also, you agree to hold us harmless in the even that email servers misroute your completed order to your SPAM FOLDER-you agree to check your email's spam folder to check for any misrouted emails.


Full refunds will be issued only if the following conditions are met:

Essay model development services - we will refund your payment only if you CANCEL YOUR ORDER before you submit your completed questionaire

Essay editing services - we will refund your payment only if you CANCEL YOUR ORDER before you send us your essay for editing.

IMPORTANT: If you have sent in your essay or questionaire, you agree that you forfeit your rights to any refund. You agree that we can't issue a refund because once you send in these materials, our staff will have immediately begun work on your materials. Work has started even though your completed materials are not delivered to you until the deadline. Due to this reality, we cannot issue refunds once your order is deemed 'ready' (ie., you have sent in the completed questionaire or your existing essay).

WARNING: You must, under penalty of perjury, supply your AGE. All orders from customers under 18 years of age require A SIGNATURE FROM YOUR PARENT. You must scan this signature and send it to us.


Our business day ends at 5PM GMT +8. Any order that is READY (our writers and/or editors have started work on the materials) will be only be deemed 'READY' the following business day.


If you are in any way unhappy with the finished order we send you, please email or call or Skype us immediately. Please clearly explain why you are unhappy. All our materials are backed up by our ONE FREE REWRITE discretionary offer.

To get the free rewrite, you must send us a WRITTEN explanation of why the essay we sent you was problematic. Rewrites will only cover STRUCTURAL or SUBSTANTIVE issues -ie., facts/assertions in the essay. We DO NOT GIVE REWRITES for issues involving writing style or stylistic problems.

Our REWRITE OFFER expires 3 days after we send you your finished order. If you do not claim your REWRITE within 3 days of the delivery of your finished order, you agree that you waive all your rights to this offer.

VERY IMPORTANT: Our REWRITE GUARANTEE is discretionary. It is not automatic. If we deem your rewrite request to be unwarranted or you don't comply with any of the terms of our service terms and conditions, we are under no obligation to give you a rewrite.


IvyResearch.Com does not condone plagiarism and academic dishonesty. Our model essay system is aimed solely at inspiring applicants in their efforts to write their own admission essay. Our model essay inspires applicants by organizing their biological information into a cohesive narrative. Applicants should then reorganize the materials into their own distinct essay.

If you purchase our services, you agree that you will NOT submit any essay we produce for you and claim it as your own work. IvyResearch.Com retains all copyright, ownership, and publication rights for all model essays we produce for clients.


IvyResearch.Com and its service suppliers have made NO express, implied or other representations regarding the effect customers' purchase of Ivy Research's services will do to those customers' admissions chances at any educational institution. We disclaim any and all warranties.

By placing an order with IvyResearch.Com, you acknowledge that you fully understand that we disclaim any and all express or implied warranties, including, without limitation, warranties of merchantability and/or warranties of fitness for a particular purpose.

By placing an order with IvyResearch.Com, you agree to provide accurate information to us so we can process your order. Moreover, you agree to indemnify and hold IvyResearch.Com harmless from any civil, criminal, administrative, or academic proceedings brought about by your own intentional or negligent provision of misleading or false information.

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