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Is your application deadline getting closer but you can't seem to start on your admission essay?

Do you feel you have too many or too little personal facts and this keeps you from writing a good essay?

Do you have a tough time coming up with a theme for your essay?

Are you having a hard time even getting started on your medical school application essay?

If any of these questions sound familiar, you may want to order our model essay writing service. We help you get started on finally finishing your admission essay. If you've been procrastinating this long or just find it difficult to complete your essay, our model writing service gives you a powerful hand up. Our service is composed of the three key tasks any medical school application essay writer has to master: collecting the right information, organizing this information, and polishing the organized essay.

IvyResearch's Model Medical School Application Essay Writing Service gives you a systematic process for collecting information that is relevant to your essay. Unlike other services that use an interview system, we use a centralized questionnaire that is sure to collect information other systems miss. We then thoroughly analyze your biographic information and pick out a theme we can use to organize your essay around. We also prioritize which pieces of information provide the strongest support for the organizing theme we selected. Finally, we write a 100% original full model essay based on the organizing theme. As an added bonus, we also provide you with an 'alternative approach' which follows another theme your facts also support.

Get the professional help you need in getting your essay off the ground, scroll down this page to the Add To Cart button and order our model essay writing service today!

Our writing services are aimed at one goal: to help you write the most effective personal statement essay you can. Our model essay serves to give you the inspiration you need to write your final essay. Our work serves solely to give you the organized essay writing system, motivational push, and creative inspiration you need to write your own final essay. Since academic admissions essays must be written by the applicants themselves, our essays must not be submitted as your own work. Doing so might land you in some hot academic water either during your stay in medical school or after you graduate.

Our Process

After you complete the order page, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can download a copy of our questionnaire. Please fill out this form thoroughly. The more data you give us, the better your model essay will be. Email the completed form to us and we'll send you a 500 to 750 word model essay in double-spaced 12 point Times New Roman text within the deadline you selected in the order form. You will also get writer's notes as well as an alternative paragraph. Get started on your admissions essay while there is still time-order our model essay service today!


You, the customer, are entitled to one (1) free rewrite, that is, if you answer "no" to any of the questions below:

  • Does the essay answer what was asked in the Application Form?
  • Does the essay have the required length/word count?
  • Does the essay include a quotation that the customer asked to be included?
  • Does the essay conform to the format requirements and voice that the customer requested?

The customer will not be entitled to a free rewrite if:

  • You want to include information that was not given in our questionnaire.
  • You want to include information in the essay that the required length will not support.
  • You want to cite particular information from our questionnaire but did not say so to IvyResearch upon giving the questionnaire.
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