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Two powerful facts can work in your favor in the MBA admissions process: First, most MBA programs give considerable weight to the real world work experience you bring to the table. Second, many MBA programs ask for letters of recommendation from your past or current employer to get an idea of your leadership and management capabilities or potential. Many MBA programs' Admissions Committes require letters of recommendation because they want to hear from people who have first-hand experience supervising you to give their impressions of your personal potential and leadership/management skills.

Don't waste this opportunity by turning in letters of recommendation that are tepid, weak, or, worse, don't discuss your relevant traits.

Why do MBA Program Letters of Recommendation Matter?

If you are applying to competitive MBA programs, there will be many other applicants who will fall in the same tight range of college GPA and GMAT scores as you. In a sense, you are going to be in a 'herd' of faceless applicants that have roughly the same qualifications. While the MBA personal statement can go a long way in making you stand out from other applicants, it might not be enough. If you and a few other applicants are fighting for the final spots for a prestigious MBA program, it might come down to letters of recommendation. In this particular situation, your letters of recommendation might make or break your application. It might mean the difference between going to the prestigious program you've always wanted to attend or having to settle for a 'fallback' school which may offer less certain career advancement or opportunities. Serious business.

Most Applicants Fail To See The problem With Letters of Recommendation

What problem? Most employers, professors, or extracurricular/non-profit/NGO program coordinators are busy individuals. They have a lot more pressing things to do than write letters of recommendation. They will still write a letter for you but it will be based on a template. Sadly, this 'fill in the blanks' or 'generic' letter approach is probably not going to cut it. Most are not meant to be persuasive. Others don't contain enough information. Many are boring to read.

The good news is that many supervisors/managers, professors, and program coordinators will happily sign draft letters of recommendation you write yourself. They simply don't have the time to write letters from scratch and would sign your own pre-made letter if they agree with its content. If you don't know how to write a persuasive letter of recommendation, now is probably not the time to start learning. The stakes are too high and the admissions deadline is quickly coming up. Let IvyResearch's experienced letter of recommendation writers produce the model letters you need to fully take advantage of the opportunity letters of recommendation present.

What makes our Model Letters Different?

The problem with most common letters of recommendation is that they merely attemp to paint a flattering picture. These are quite shallow and don't help. Admissions Committee members are looking for letters that SHOW your potential by citing actual work assignments and achievements. The Admissions Committee members don't need to be told what to conclude. Instead, they are looking for specific facts framed in certain ways to clue them in on your personal potential. This type of writing is not intuitive. It is honed from years of experience crafting many different letters of recommendation covering a wide variety of situations. We focus on fitting your facts and work experiences with the requirements and expectations of the Admissions Committee members.

Fully unleash the power of your Letter of Recommendation today and order our Model Letter writing service today. Scroll down below and click the Add to Cart button.

How our Model Letter Writing Service Works

After you have selected either regular or rush delivery for your letter, you have to fill out the order and payment form. Once your payment clears, you will be taken to a page where you can download our questionnaire. Fill out this form thoroughly. The more information you provide, the better. We need as much information about your past experiences as possible. We need a lot of information to choose from when composing our model letter of recommendation. Once you have completed the form, email it to us and we will email you a deadline for delivery.

Keep in mind that the letter of recommendation we will send you is merely a model. At all times, you are responsible for writing your own letter of recommendation. The model we provide is intended solely to give you ideas on how to write your own letter. Don't turn it in as your own work since this will constitute plagiarism and, if detected, might harm your future academic or professional career.

MBA Applications Letter of Recommendation Editing Service

If you already have letters of recommendation written, you may want to get a second opinion. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do the letters show the traits I want to highlight using actual facts from my work or academic performance?

Do the letters give the impression that the letter writer is actually familiar with my personal potential, character, and value system?

Is the letter persuasive? Are they animated instead of lukewarm or passive?

If you have any doubts about your current letters of recommendation, use our editing service to get a second opinion. It is worth your time, effort, and money because the stakes are too high. As we mentioned above, letters of recommendation might be a tie-breaker in certain tough admissions situations. Don't let your dreams of getting an MBA from a top program go up in smoke just because you didn't get your letters edited and critiqued.

Our Editing Service Goes The Extra Mile

Most other editing services focus mostly on superficial issues like sentence construction, grammar, and typos. Our MBA letter of recommendation editing service goes beneath the surface. We focus on your letter's effectiveness.

We look at how persuasive the letter is. We study how it gets its points across and recommend ways to increase its effectiveness. In essence, we focus on the stuff that truly matters-unleashing the power of the letter of recommendation to boost your MBA admissions chances!

How Our Editing Process Works

After filling out the order/payment form, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. Paste your existing letter of recommendation on to this form. Fill out the questionnaire as completely as you can. The more information you provide, the better. We will use this information to beef up and substantiate your letter. Email the questionnaire to us and we'll send you a delivery date. Don't let your MBA dreams go to waste because of a sad letter of recommendation, order our Letter or Recommendation services today and let us help you unleash its potential!

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Your custom-written model scholarship essay is crafted from scratch based on your personal facts. Delivered in 3 business days or less
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Your custom-written model scholarship essay is crafted from scratch based on your personal facts. Delivered in 3 business days or less
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Already have a Letter? Let us Edit/Polish it for you!

Let our years of experience editing numerous applicants' letters of recommendation work for you. Let us whip your essay into shape!. Delivered in 7 business days
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Let our years of experience editing numerous applicants' letters of recommendation work for you. Let us whip your essay into shape!. Delivered in 3 business days or less
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