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Congrats! You have just put completed the first draft of your MBA statement of purpose despite your hectic schedule. It took a while but you sure are glad you're essay is ready. Or is it? Do you still have some lingering doubts about its effectiveness because you don't feel you put in enough time to create a truly topnotch essay? Have you read on the Internet conflicting advice regarding the items you put on your essay?

If any or all of the questions above entered your mind, rest assured that you are not alone. Most applicants to MBA programs face these questions. Considering how important MBA school is to your career plans, it is perfectly natural to worry if a sloppy essay may keep you from your dream MBA Program.

Get Peace Of Mind With Our Professional Essay Editing Service

If you are still quite unsure about the MBA essay you have written, order our editing service and get the peace of mind you deserve. Our editing service is not just your typical editing service that corrects your grammar, looks for typos, or reviews your sentence structure. We offer more. Much more. We actually get into the guts of your essay and examine every detail while keeping one key question in mind: 'How persuasive is this essay?' Given the high stakes involved, that's the main question you should have in mind when writing and editing your essay. We go beneath the surface and leave nothing to chance. Each and every part of your essay must add to the value of your essay or else it must get reworked or cut out entirely. We don't sugar coat. We tell you exactly how it is.

What we Deliver

Our editors will not only revise or rewrite portions of your essay, we will also supply a critique of your existing essay. The critique goes to the heart of your essay's overall stategy and gives you the feedback you need to tighten your essay further.

Take advantage of our professional editors' years of admission essay editing experience-order our MBA Essay Editing/Critique Service today. Scroll down below and click the Add To Cart button.

Our Essay Editing Process

To get your existing essay edited, pick out the delivery schedule you are interested in below. Click the Add To Cart button of the delivery package you like. Once you successfully complete the order and payment form, you will be taken to a page where you can download our questionnaire.

Fill out the questionnaire as thoroughly as you can. Make sure to paste a copy of your existing essay into the questionnaire form you send back to us. The more information you share about yourself, the better. We need this information to boost parts of your essay or edit out or minimize certain parts. After we have received enough information, we'll factor this into the editing process and we will send you your revised essay along with a critique/assessment.

Your completed essay will not exceed three (3) pages. It will be double-spaced in Times New Roman 12-point font.

We analyze, critique, and edit your existing essay or letter of recommendation. Delivered in 7 business days or less
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We analyze, critique, and edit your existing essay or letter of recommendation. Delivered in 3 business days or less
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