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FACT: The top US law schools accept only a small fraction of their total applicant pool every year. Law school admissions is extremely competitive. The more 'prestigious' the school, the tougher the competition.

Good Grades and a Decent LSAT Score are not enough

If you are going to rely solely on your LSAT score and undergraduate GPA to get you through the law school admissions process, you may be in for a rude shock. You should know that average applicants, especially those who want to go to well-known institutions, usually have roughly similar GPAs or LSAT scores. You need to find a way to break out of this tight range of seemingly generic and similar applicants. And you need to do it quickly and efficiently!

Use Your Law School Application Essay To Stand Out From The Herd

The good news is that many admissions committees are looking for real people with real potential instead of one-dimensional grades and test scores. They are looking for candidates that have indications of future success potential not just past accomplishments. They look for these indicators by looking at factors that don't involve your grades or LSAT score. In other words, they are looking for a 'complete person.' Use your personal statement essay to give the admissions committee a peek at your personal potential, dreams, aspirations, and unique point of view. Use this special essay to set yourself apart from the mass of generic, faceless, numbers-driven competitors who may not have bothered to fully unleash the power of their admission essays.

IvyResearch Helps you Get Noticed

A well-written admission essay acts as a gateway admissions committee members can access to get to know you better. You are worth much more than the numbers in your GPA and LSAT score. Your personal statement essay portrays the flesh and blood human being behind the numbers. Don't waste this opportunity to stand out from the competition. Our experienced application essay writers have the necessary skills and attention to detail to help you get noticed. Our provider has helped many law students with their admissions essays in the past. Let us help you with your essay today!

If you have not yet started your essay or don't know where to start, order our Model Essay Development service below. If you have already finished your essay but are still not completely happy and satisfied with what you have written, order our Essay Critique and Analysis Service below.

If you need help with your law school application scholarship essay or your letters of recommendation, we offer model writing services for these as well.

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