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Your Graduate School Application Essay Can Beat Your Competition!

Are you thinking of getting a master’s degree or a doctorate in Education, Engineering, the Social Sciences, the Humanities or other disciplines? If you are looking at getting an advanced degree to take your current career to the next level or lay the groundwork for a career in academia, you have to keep in mind that success in graduate work depends on having the right degree from the right institution. To boost your employ ability in the academic or corporate worlds, you have to try and get a degree from the top programs in your field of discipline in the USA. Unfortunately, at this level, you will face stiff competition. In fact, the top graduate programs in the country admit only a small fraction of the qualified pool of applicants jockeying for a limited amount of admission spots.

The Statement of Purpose is NOT a mere Formality

Boost your chances of admissions by using the graduate school statement of purpose or personal statement essay to your advantage. Way too many applicants consider this essay an afterthought in the admissions process. As a result, too many grad school applicants turn in admission essays that do a poor job of answering the key question Admissions Committees are focused on: Why should we admit you instead of another candidate? Use the admission essay as your opportunity to clearly communicate your full potential in grad school and beyond. Admissions committees are looking for real people with real potential and aspirations not two-dimensional and hollow applicants made up solely of GPAs and GRE scores. Stand out from your competition!


Whether it is for career advancement or passion for a subject area, you have to remember that getting a graduate degree means hard work, starting as far back as high school. You have to make sure you not only have your grades and test scores together but have taken the time to craft a well-organized admissions essay to make sure that you get into the right school. Let Ivy Research help you make an impact with your essay.

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SAT and ACT Scores provide an incomplete picture of your potential. Let us help you rise above the competition!
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Law School

Effective lawyers and advocates don’t just need a good LSAT score. Let us help you make your case.
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Medical School

MCAT Scores provide an incomplete picture. Let us help you make your potential shine out!
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MBA programs

While the GMAT is important, your total potential and life experience count for much, too. Let us help you stand out!
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