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Have you started on your graduate school personal statement essay but can't seem to finish it?

Have you completed your essay but you're not completely happy with it?

Did you exceed the maximum word limit on your personal statement but you don't know where to cut and how much to cut?

Are you unsure about your essay's ability to persuade the reader?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, you need to order our Graduate School Essay Editing and Critique Services. Our expert editors and writers have helped many graduate school applicants tighten their essays and we can help you polish yours. Your essay is usually the closest you'll ever get to making a direct personal appeal to the admissions committee of the program you are applying to. Don't blow your chances with a sloppy or weak essay. Scroll down below and click the Add To Cart order and let our experienced editors help you take your essay to the next level.

We Go Beyond Mere Technicalities

Unlike other essay editing services which focus mostly on the technical issues of your essay like grammar checking, typo detection and correction, and maybe sentence structure correction, we go deeper and further. Our experienced editors actually get into the substance of your essay and we analyze whether your essay does a good job of organizing and framing your personal information. In essence, we look at every essay and determine if it adequately answers the overarching question behind every graduate school application essay: 'Why should this graduate program admit you instead of another applicant?'

If you are looking for a comprehensive service that not only fixes and revises your essay's technical problems but also reorients it for maximum effectiveness, order our Essay Editing and Critique Services today! Just scroll down and click the Add To Cart button and get started on the road to a better essay now.

How Our Process Works

After you fill out the order form below, you are taken to a confirmation page which will have the download link to our questionnaire. Please fill out the questionnaire as thoroughly as you can-the more information, the better. Copy and paste your existing graduate school application essay into the form. Your existing essay should not be over three (3) pages, double-spaced and written in Times New Roman (12 points). Email the completed form to us and we will send you back a revised essay along with critique notes. We will use biographical information you supplied in the questionnaire to revise and strenghten your essay.

We analyze, critique, and edit your existing essay or letter of recommendation. Delivered in 7 business days or less
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We analyze, critique, and edit your existing essay or letter of recommendation. Delivered in 3 business days or less
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