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Unlike most of our competitors we don't give you canned samples of essays that might not fit your particular situation. We actually provide customized personal statement examples comprised of essay outlines based on your personal information. How's that for truly PERSONAL essay assistance service?

Our free sample service gives you an idea on how to organize your personal information around a theme. This goes a long way in helping you overcome writer's block and this process also helps to push you to get started on the essay writing process. Oftentimes, stuck applicants just need a 'fresh set of eyes' to look at their personal admissions information for them to truly get going with their personal statement essay.

If you need a quick push to get started with your admission essay so you can meet all your application deadlines or just need a firm nudge to get past your writer's block, fill out the form below to get on our admissions essay newsletter list and get your free admissions essay outline.

What will you get?

You will get a paragraph summary indicating a proposed direction for your essay. This summary is based solely on the biographic data you send us. It is customized to your particular situation.

You will get an outline mentioning your particular facts and how to organize them around a central theme. You can easily use this outline to write out your essay. You can send us the essay you wrote based on our outline so we can tighten it, polish it, and maximize its impact. Order Essay Critique/Editing Services here.

What are the rules/limitations of this offer?

This offer is made on a strictly 'first come, first served' basis only. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. No notification is given for individuals refused service. The most common reason for service refusal is the applicant did not provide enough information for an essay outline. In order to boost your chances of getting a free sample essay, provide as much information about your application as possible. We reserve full discretion in the timing of the delivery of any free essay outline. We cannot guarantee any delivery date since this service is provided on a purely discretionary basis. If you would like FASTER DELIVERY, please consider our model essay development service instead. CLICK HERE for details.

Privacy Waiver

By applying for a free essay outline, you are giving us express permission to publish your personal information included in the essay outline by publishing it on one of our blogs and/or linking to the published blog post. If you don't want a particular piece of information published online, don't include it in the materials you send with your free essay outline application. You give us full permission to include any part of the materials you send in the essay outline and summary we produce from your materials.

No Express or Implied Warranties

Our free essay outline service is offered on a purely 'as is' basis. We expressly disclaim any and all express or implied warranties including any warranties of merchantibility or fitness for a particular purpose. We expressly disclaim any supposed benefits our materials might give you. We cannot guarantee any results.

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