Good Grades and Scores May NOT be enough…

Did you know that the top colleges and universities in the US often take only a few of the THOUSANDS of qualified applicants fighting over a few admissions spots?

Making sure that you get included in that chosen few can be daunting, especially if you think that your SAT scores or your high school GPA are less than spectacular. While GPA and SAT/ACT scores are important in applying into a college or a university, do not forget that there are many applicants to the same schools you are applying to. Many of these people will have similar grades and scores. To get noticed, you have to make sure that your application is unique and stands out from the others. A well-crafted college personal statement essay can help you achieve this goal.

Due to the thousands of applications colleges and universities receive each year, it is highly unlikely that you will be given a personal interview to present yourself as a complete individual package. Even when the college you are applying to grants in-person interviews, the college application essay supplements and helps define that interview. Your college admission essay is your best chance to highlight your accomplishments, experiences, and true potential. It allows you to distinguish yourself from the thousands of other applicants with similar scores and backgrounds.

IvyResearch provides comprehensive services to help college admissions officers get a complete picture of yourself, your accomplishments, defining experiences, significant influences and your potential to succeed during your stay at their educational institution.

Going to the right college or university is an important step for anyone looking to secure a bright future. Yes, people have to work at it and make sure that they have good grades and exam scores during primary and secondary schools. Those things work hand in hand with a good admissions essay to increase your chances of getting into the university or college of your choice. Listed below are services we offer to help you develop and organize a great college personal statement or polish an essay you have already written.


Applying to Other Programs?

Medical School

MCAT Scores provide an incomplete picture. Let us help you make your potential shine out!
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Law School

Effective lawyers and advocates don’t just need a good LSAT score. Let us help you make your case.
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Graduate School

We help the Admissions Committee see you as a complete package not just a GRE with a cumulative GPA.
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MBA programs

While the GMAT is important, your total potential and life experience count for much, too. Let us help you stand out!
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