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Too many MBA applicants neglect the statement of purpose portion of their application package. This might be a fatal mistake for your application. How come? Only a small fraction of applicants to the top MBA programs in the United States get admitted. A huge number of applicants compete over a few open slots. A large population of applicants fall within a tight range of undergrad GPA/GMAT qualifications. Applicants need to quickly and effectively set themselves apart from their competition even if they have a decent GPA/GMAT combination. This is where the MBA admission essay comes in. It offers applicants a great way of differentiating themselves from their competition-it acts as a ‘paper interview’ which effectively highlights the applicants strong point.

MBA Admissions Committees are looking to admit Real People Not Numbers

Looking to produce MBA classes which reflect the general diversity of attitudes, backgrounds, worldviews, and personalities of the world at large, many MBA programs look at each applicant as individuals not just a set of grade point averages and GMAT scores. Due to this ‘holistic’ approach, many MBA Programs give varying weight to the MBA personal statement essay. Sadly, many applicants sell themselves short in their MBA application essay. They fail to unleash the power of the essay portion of their application package to set themselves apart from other applicants.

Let Us Help You Unleash The Power of the MBA Application Essay

Pull away from the faceless and generic crowd of applicants who have little else to show for themselves other than undergrad grades and test scores. Use the MBA statement of purpose to clearly communicate to the Admissions Committee that you are a REAL PERSON with real potential and a solid personal story that can translate to a vibrant and future career in business management, administration, or finance.

A business degree or an MBA is your key to the career you’ve always dreamed about and worked so hard for. Don’t let a poorly written MBA statement of purpose or personal statement essay keep you from clearly showing Admissions officers that you have what it takes to make it in their MBA program and beyond.

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