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Have you already started writing your essay and need step by step coaching?

Do you have a specific vision for your essay but need guidance?

Do you need a ‘sounding board’ for your essay ideas?

Whether you are in the brainstorming phase of your essay writing process or already writing out your essay, if you need personalized step by step assistance on how to organize your personal facts into a winning essay, we can set you up with a personal essay coach. Your coach will help you through all phases of your essay’s development process.





Only $70 per month

The great thing about our essay coach system is that it works completely around YOUR schedule. You just email your questions and your coach will guide you through your questions. One question at a time. Step by step.

Another great advantage you’ll get with our essay coaching service is that you pay less money up front. Instead of paying a larger amount for model essay or essay editing services, our coaching service costs less money and is billed on a monthly basis. To make billing convenient for you, you are rebilled automatically month after month until you cancel the monthly billings.

You can ask as many INDIVIDUAL questions about your essay per month. However, you have to incorporate our answers before you can ask another question. This way, you are pushed to keep developing your essay.

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Please note that your $70 monthly fee will keep rebilling until you cancel.

By using our service, you agree that you are responsible for keeping track of your rebills and assume all responsibility in stopping billing at a future date.

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