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The Story of IvyResearch.Com: A History of Service

IvyResearch grew out of an earlier admissions essay company that was formed in 1996 by three friends from the University of California’s Hastings College of Law. The partners found that there was a lot of confusion and lack of direction in the admissions essay portion of law school applications. Upon further research and analysis, the three founders also saw the same problems in academic admissions in general. While there were individual “admissions counselors” eager and willing to help applicants to college, law school, graduate school, MBA programs, and medical school work on their essays, they were scattered all over the country and their methods and systems differed from provider to provider. Also, virtually all these admissions assistance counselors weren’t online.

The three partners decided to leverage the power of the Internet to serve a global clientele and the company they founded became one of the leading providers of academic admissions essay assistance services online. In 1999, one of the partners, with the blessings of the other partners, started IvyResearch.Com as a distribution platform for the other company’s services. IvyResearch also catered to other segments of the educational essay market. Throughout all this time, IvyResearch continues to help applicants to academic institutions organize their often confusing mass of biographical information into a coherent personal story. These personal statement examples help applicants craft the unique and original admissions essays they submit to admissions committees.

After 13 years of experience, IvyResearch.Com remains dedicated to helping applicants to college, law school, medical school, MBA programs, and graduate schools the world over put their best foot forward. Let our extensive experience and solid commitment to admissions success, help you take your personal personal statement essay to the next level.

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Medical School

MCAT Scores provide an incomplete picture of your potential. Use our services so you can stand out!
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Law School

Effective lawyers and advocates don’t just need a good LSAT score. Let us help you make your case.
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Graduate School

We help the Admissions Committee see you as a complete package not just a GRE with a cumulative GPA.
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MBA programs

While the GMAT is important, your total potential and life experience count for much, too. Let us help you stand out!
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College Admissions

SAT and ACT Scores provide an incomplete picture of your potential. Let us help you rise above the competition!
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Get a free custom admission essay outline just by helping us spread the word.
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About Us

Ivy Research provides custom essay development and editing services to global applicants to colleges, law schools, medical schools, graduate programs, and MBA programs in the United States. We provide personal statement examples, sample personal statements, "about myself" essays, and statements of purpose

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