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Thinking of going to College, University, or Medical School? Maybe you are planning to go to Law School, a Graduate School or perhaps get an MBA? This is a big decision on your part that will greatly affect your future.

You are not alone - the competition for admissions spots is tough and will only get tougher! The National Center of Education and Statistics sees a steady increase in the number of people enrolling in post-secondary and graduate schools in the US. This trend will continue into the future.

The Hard Truth: Grades and Scores are Not Enough

Students who have tried their best to get high grades and have a lot of extra-curricular activities stand out in the eyes of admissions officers for college or graduate schools, right? Or do they? The truth is Admissions Offices don't just look for excellent academic records when screening applicants. They look at the COMPLETE PERSON.

Use your admission essay to get a competitive edge

Almost all schools ask for an admissions essay in addition to grades and other academic information.

Different schools ask for different essays-while some ask for autobiographies, others ask for targeted answers to focused questions. Regardless of the format, the admission essay gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your personal potential in ways that grades and test scores can't.

Since not all academic institutions interview applicants during the screening process, this 500 to 750 word essay is often the last chance you'll get to making a personal connection with the Admissions Committee. Don't blow this chance.

Why Choose Ivy Research?

Aside from our Ivy League-trained writers and editors, IvyResearch uses a proprietary system that helps us effectively portray you as a complete person with a potential and point of view your grades and test scores might not fully communicate. While good grades and tests scores indicate past accomplishments, our personal statement examples help you provide a convincing picture of your future potential.

Specialized applications like medical school and MBA applications can be difficult for applicants who have little experience with wordcraft and personalized writing. Use our services to help you effectively communicate your qualifications and potential.

Going to college, graduate school, and professional school are major life decisions. Let us help you get started right by enabling you to write a powerful and effective admissions essay.

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